Pantex Pulmomectine (Ivermectin) 10ml


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Pantex Pulmomectine – Why we like it:

Pantex Pulmomectine has the active ingredient Ivermectin which has a great safety record in use on birds and other animals. In this form it’s easy to apply to your birds and had good efficacy against lice and mites.

Parasites do build up tolerance to medications/pesticides so please check your bird to make sure that the problem is resolved. Recommended treatment is twice, repeat treatment according to the life cycle of the parasite you are treating for to kill any recent hatches after the first dose was administered. If problem persists please treat with a different product.

Manufacturer Description:


0.12mg ivermectin per 1ml of solution


Windpipe-mite in canaries, finches and other aviary birds. Scaly face in parakeets, light worm infections (roundworms) and lice in cage birds and aviary birds.

 Dosage and administration:

Treat all birds in the aviary by applying one drop (2 drops for larger birds) direct to skin on the back of birds neck. Repeat after 4 weeks.

Preventive treatment: 1 – 2 months before breeding season.


Avoid inhalation and contact with skin; In case of spills wash well with water.


Store between 15 °C and 25 °C,  protected from light and away from children.

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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