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Avian Health Shake can be used as a supplement for sick birds, a boost for breeding flocks, to fill in critical nutrition needs commercial feed does not provide for breeds like silkies and other vaulted breeds, bantams, and birds needing to gain weight.

This is a complete feed! Avian Health Shake is excellent for birds with special needs, in a mash or tube fed. Great to mix with raw eggs from your flock.

Avian Health Shake contains a healthy balance of Omega 3 & 6, it’s high in natural vitamin E and has natural sources of Selenium. Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer ensures no vitamins or minerals are lacking and provides the source of probiotics.

Feed Supplement

Breeding Booster

Nutrition Booster

About Us

Julie Madison and her rooster Companion, Benji.

Julie Madison
Owner - Feed Maker - Webmaster - Shipping
CPhT and Product Advisor

Aimee Reay
Owner - Customer Service & Health Advisor
Vet Tech

What Our Customers Are Saying

The avian healthshake saved my hen’s life. She had tapeworms and coccicodosis pretty bad. We treated her for it, but she just wasn’t eating. We started tube feeding her with the avian healthshake and she slowly started putting on weight. Eventually she could eat on her own and now she is thriving. Now I keep a bag on hand for any sick or injured hens for a boost in nutrition. Thanks so much!


Silkie Snack Combo

Not only does this product smell good, it has literally saved lives. We have used the avian health shake during critical times in our chickens healing and have even shared some with a local friend which provided the opportunity for her to save Big Mama. We are so thankful for the hard work and dedication you all put into keeping our flock healthy and happy!


The avian shake is truly a life saver. My cross beak was in horrible shape. No matter how many feeds or supplements I tried from the feed store, he was still weak and extremely skinny. One week on the avian shake Pearl start running around, she was alert, jumping on my lap every chance she had to get some shake. A month later Pearl crowed!!!! I was shocked that Pearl is actually a rooster, more than being shocked I was horrified how malnourished he was before I found this feed. Cross beaks need special attention and extra nutrition. I so grateful for Julie, Aimee and Robin. Without all your hard work on the avian shake my precious pearl wouldn’t be here to enjoy. He’s incredibly and so is your product! Thank you!

Jessica L.

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