Healthline Nutrition Lavender Colloidal Silver Pet Shampoo

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Natural shampoo, concentrated to lather quickly. Contains 30% colloidal silver, known for its natural antibacterial & anti fungal properties.

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Healthline Nutrition Lavender Colloidal Silver Pet Shampoo – Why We Like It:

Healthline Nutrition Lavender Colloidal Silver Pet Shampoo is a bird safe shampoo. Formulated with calming lavender oil, it is a lightweight, effective shampoo that is easy to rinse off. Easy to use formula with calming lavender will help make bath time less stressful and reduce rinsing time due to its lightweight consistency. Great for Poultry ( Chickens, Turkeys, Guinea, Waterfowl etc.), Dogs, Cats, and even Horses.

Personal Testimony!

I have used this shampoo for years with my birds and have found it extremely effective! I use it for routine bathing and emergency bathing situations due to parasites, messy meals, or injury. I have found that this shampoo does a great job of removing lice and mites and helps keep them away. I can’t say enough good things about this product and best of all it is made by a local to us small business. Also great for your furry friends!

Here is an article I wrote on bathing your birds:

When, Why and How to Bathe Your Chicken

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About Healthline Nutrition:

We are proud to offer Healthline Nutrition products to our customers. Healthline Nutrition is a local to us (Vancouver, Washington) small business that manufacturers high quality products for people and pets with care.

Manufacturers Info:

Our all natural colloidal silver pet shampoo is concentrated to lather quickly. This shampoo formula contains 30% colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is well known for its natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.


Colloidal Silver Water 18ppm, Saponified Organic Oil, Organic Oil of Coconut, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Vinegar, Lavender Essential Oil.


8oz or 4oz bottle of Shampoo


Store at room temperature, away from sunlight.

**Shipping Included**

8oz Shampoo shipped USPS First Class Mail

16oz Shampoo shipped USPS Priority Mail

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8oz, 16oz


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Natural products for pets and people.
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1 review for Healthline Nutrition Lavender Colloidal Silver Pet Shampoo

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC!! I will be buying another bottle to make sure I always have this on hand. I run an animal sanctuary for unwanted poultry. We received a Silkie that was infested with mites. Scaly leg mites and face mites as well. I really didn’t want to use anything super harsh on her because Silkies are so delicate. This is working wonders!! Her skin is already healing just after one bath. The leg mites are going away and so are the ones on her face. The skin doesn’t look as aggravated as it did. She must be feeling so much better because she’s now eating!

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