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Anthelmintics AKA Dewormers, Available Options & When To Use

Anthelmintics AKA Dewormers, Available Options & When To Use

There are numerous anthelmintics available for treating internal parasites. We stock multiple options that give you a choice in how they are administered and the type of parasite you need to target the treatment for.

When should you treat for internal parasites/worms? Many people do routine “worming” but this is not something we recommend, overuse of anthelmintics is leading to parasites developing resistance to available options, much like the issues caused by improper use and over use of antibiotics. Using broad spectrum anthelmintics can take a lot out of your animal, its not easy on their systems. If you see worms in your birds waste, you need to treat, if you have suspected issues we always recommend getting a fecal test done to determine if that is the issue the animal is having and if so, what parasite you need to treat for. MidAmerica Agricultural Research is fast and affordable, they test for all types of worms and coccidiosis. Other options include doing a fecal float yourself if you have a microscope or asking your vet to do one.

Here is the website for MidAmerica Agricultural Research.

Pantex Wormex, Pantex Wormex Tablets and Vet-Schroeder Tollisan Anti Worm cover treatment of just roundworm. Wormex is a powder and Anti Worm is a liquid solution, both are used by adding them to the drinking water. Two treatments is recommended with both these products. If you are positive you are dealing with roundworm these are great products as they are easy to use. The active ingredient is Levamisole and its works by paralyzing the roundworm and then it is excreted by your animal in their waste. 

Valbazen is a broad spectrum anthelmintic so It covers most internal parasites. It requires two rounds of dosing and it is a suspension. Suspensions cannot be added to drinking water as they will not properly disperse in the water. To administer Valbazen you need to weigh each animal needing treatment and calculate the dose for them based on weight. An oral syringe is used to measure the needed amount of product. It can be easier to saturate a small piece of bread with the Valbazen and offer it as a treat for that animal, rather than trying to dose them orally with the syringe. We don’t normally recommend feeding bread, its not a good treat choice, but if it gets the medicine down then its worth the occasional couple bites of bread, especially if you are not comfortable and confident with oral administration of medications, as aspiration is a risk.

MediwormPigeon Wormout Tablets and DAC Worm Tabs are broad spectrum anthelmintic options in tablet form you give each bird orally. Dosing should be done by weight with these tablets and two doses are required for a full treatment. If you just have a few birds to treat these are a good option, as is the Valbazen. Giving a pill to your animals vs an oral suspension can be easier for some animals and owners.

Vetafarm Pigeon Wormout Plus Tablets are a broad spectrum oral tablet option that also covers treatment of coccidiosis. This product is dosed for two consecutive days in Pigeons.

Moxivet Plus and Wormout Gel are broad spectrum anthelmintic products that mix into the drinking water. Both can also be used undiluted as a direct oral treatment. 

Moxivet Plus contains moxidectin, please carefully follow the directions and do not use more than once every three months as it has a very long half-life in birds. It is a good option when other products have been tried and the parasite problem persists. Moxivet Plus is effective on less common internal parasites such as gizzard worm and pinworm. In addition to treating worms, it is also used to treat air sac mites, feather mites, scaly face & leg mites.

Wormout Gel is a very popular broad spectrum anthelmintic in the cage bird and parrot fancy. It can be dosed directly or easily mixed in with drinking water. Wormout Gel is given for two consecutive days, if used in water it needs to be the only water available.

Wormer Deluxe Powder is a water soluble, broad spectrum anthelmintic product, that is a good choice when needing to treat a lot of birds. The product is mixed into their drinking water for two consecutive days, changed daily, as the only water source. The treatment course needs to be repeated in 21 days.

With all products a two week withdrawal after last treatment is best practice.

Feel free to send us a message if you have any other questions about these products!

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