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Bromhexine, What Is It & When To Use It

Front of Bromhexine Powder Packet

Bromhexine, What Is It & When To Use It

Bromhexine is a mucolytic that is used to treat respiratory illness that is accompanied by excessive or viscous mucus. In birds, bromhexine is usually used in combination with an antibiotic while treating respiratory illness. Adding bromhexine to your birds first aid kit will pay off if you ever encounter them having difficulties with their breathing.

Treating your birds for respiratory illness with just antibiotics is often sufficient. When you are examining your affected birds and hear rattles or gurgling adding a mucolytic to their treatment can help thin out respiratory secretions and improve respiration, increasing the chances of recovery.

We offer several products with Bromhexine:

Bromhexine Powder and DAC Broomhexine contain 2% bromhexine and can be added into water with antibiotic treatments but NEVER combine with furaltadone. These two products are equivalent.

DAC 1+1 Cure and DAC 1+1 Cure (Strong) Contain bromhexine and doxycycline making these an easy to use product that is added to your birds drinking water. This products comes in two strengths, one is appropriate for smaller birds, and the strong version for larger birds. Birds above 500g we recommend the strong version.

Vetafarm Pigeon Respire Tablets also contain broomhexine and doxycycline. Tablets are an advantage when you want to dose your animals by weight or are treating just a few. If your birds are feeling so under the weather they are not drinking its nice to have tablets on hand so you know they are getting the needed medication into their system so they have the best chance at recovery.

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