We Are Proud to Carry BoviDr Nutri-Drench Products!

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We Are Proud to Carry BoviDr Nutri-Drench Products!

Springwater Avian Health carries Poultry Nutri-Drench and also Goat & Sheep, Swine, Rabbit and Pet (dogs and puppies) formulas. These are products that we have personally used for years. They are a must in your first aid kit as a critical care item. 

Nutri-Drench has a patented formula for nutrient absorption, it starts to have an effect in just five minutes, this can literally be a live saver. Personally I have used it on many weak chicks and older birds. I trust it so much for the boost it provides that I now put it in the water of all chicks for the first four days of life.

We are proud to be retailers of BoviDr Nutri-Drench Products as they offer advantages no other products have. 

I must mention that you should not use Nutri-Drench while treating with Coccidiosis medication as it does contain thiamine (B1). The best option for providing similar support during cocci treatment is using Pantex Cocci-Geel as it not only has medication to treat for cocci but it has vitamins, minerals and amino acids that do not interfere with treatment and provide a targeted boost to help during treatment.

Here is more information about BoviDr Products as written on their webpage:

Backed by:

  • 20 years of research
  • 2 US patents
  • Controlled trials on over 2,300 animals
  • Field trials on over 500,000 animals 

BoviDr Laboratories revolutionized the industry with the first and only oral nutrition support to immediately restore the immune system with a superior balance of high energy, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

Normally supplements require hours in digestion with no guarantee nutrients will be used or retained. Nutridrench® does not require digestion and absorbs into the bloodstream in minutes. The speed is comparable to injection with a hypodermic needle.  
Measurable in minutes. 50% uptake in 30 minutes. 99% utilization.

About Us:

Nutridrench® and Nutridrops® are a premium, nutrient rich supplement designed to rapidly deliver energy and essential nutrients to animals that are stressed or off feed, with no digestion required.  The unique manufacturing process was granted the first-ever U.S. patents for speed of nutrient availability, and remains exclusive to BoviDr Laboratories. 

BoviDr Laboratories is a small, family-run business with deep roots in America’s heartland. We were founded on combining cutting-edge concepts in veterinary medicine with the highest-quality nutrients to produce a suite of products that helps animals enjoy a state of optimal health, peak performance, and longevity.

Nutridrench and Nutridrops will support your animals in recovering faster, producing more, and living longer, healthier lives, all by optimizing their natural immunities by supplying the right nutrients, in the right balance, at the right time.

Nutridrops and Nutridrench are also invaluable assets in emergency medicine—key tools for ranchers, pet owners, and veterinarians providing life-saving care.

Thank you for your purchase. Thank you for supporting our small business. Above all, thank you for your commitment to keeping your animals healthy. Buying our product shows you care. It shows that you are a committed owner, invested in your animals’ wellbeing. That commitment makes you part of the Nutridrench family.

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