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Broad spectrum antibiotic for gastrointestinal and respiratory problems

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Matrix Vet-Schroeder Tollisan – Why We Like It:

Matrix Vet-Schroeder Tollisan is a combination of Amoxicillin and clavulanate in powder form. It can be used in drinking water or weighed on a gram scale for accurate dosing by weight of bird. Matrix powder achieves a homogenous solution when mixed into drinking water. Amoxicillin and clavulanate are often the drug of choice for gastrointestinal infections. In addition to gastrointestinal infection it can also be used for respiratory infections.

Product is labeled for use in pigeons. Please contact your veterinarian for species specific dosing.

To restore your birds healthy digestive system bacteria we recommend following up antibiotic treatments with a probiotic such as Vetafarm Probiotic or Healthline Restore Pro-Biotic.

Manufacturers Description:

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Broad spectrum antibiotic for gastrointestinal and respiratory problems

The name Matrix sounds as if it comes from a science fiction movie, and it was in fact chosen as the name for this product based on the movie “The Matrix Revolutions”. And this with good reason, because the product is actually a revolution in the racing pigeon sector; never before has this active ingredient been available in this convenient, liquid administration form – diluted in drinking water. Moreover, the active ingredient was previously unstable in water. Lelypharma, a company based in the Netherlands and a GMP producer and supplier of human and veterinary medicines, has now ensured stability of the substance in water through difficult and technical processes. The product is fully effective in water for up to 10 hours; after 15 hours it loses its effect. Research in this regard was not a simple matter and unfortunately also extremely costly.

The product manufacturer recommends providing your bird with a B-complex multivitamin during treatment such as DAC Multivitamin B12 Tablets.


1 sachet (5g) into 2 liters of drinking water  for 5 days (Or consult a veterinarian for species specific dosing and duration)


1 sachet (5g) contains:

Amoxicillin 1.600mg,

Clavulanate 400mg


25mg of Matrix powder supplied in five, 5g sachets.

Manufacturer Notes:

Keep out of reach of children. To be used exclusively for the treatment of racing pigeons. Do not use in animals that are used for the production of food.

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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