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Nystatin 200,000IU for treatment of Candida in birds.

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DAC Dacostatin – Why we like it:

DAC Dacostatin is an anti-fungal product that can be mixed in with your pigeons, other birds feed or mixed with a bit of water and given orally with a syringe. Nystatin is the active ingredient. This highly effective antifungal works best when it has direct contact with the location of yeast/fungal activity making it very useful for sour crop. It is often used with an antiprotozoal medication. (ex. Metronidazole). 

**This is a lower concentration Nystatin product that is more affordable up front. This product contains 200,000iu of Nystatin per 5g of powder. Medistatin contains 400,000iu per 5g. if treating just a few birds this product is a good option, if treating a flock Medistatin will be more economical.**

Here is a series of articles on conditions needing treatment with antifungal and/or antiprotozoal medications:

Manufacturers Info:

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Nystatin 200 000 i.u./g


For the treatment of fungal infections such as Candidiasis, Moniliasis and Aspergillosis in pigeons and other birds.

Dacostatin dose:

Birds generally: 5 g / 250 g soft food for 5-7 days
Pigeons: 5g / 500g of grain/feed.

Not for use in birds intended for human consumption.


100 gram packet (measuring spoon 1 + 5 g included).

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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