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A soothing and healing ointment that combines two antibiotics plus an anti-inflammatory to treat wounds and infections in both eyes and ears.

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DAC Eye and Ear Cream – Why We Like It:

DAC Eye and Ear Cream is a soothing and healing ointment that combines two antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory medication to treat wounds and infections in both eyes and ears. Anti-inflammatory action helps reduce inflammation providing relief for your bird. Please follow manufacturers instructions as this product contains a steroid (anti-inflammatory). Product is labeled for pigeons, raptors and cage birds.

When applying the ointment have clean hands or gloves to apply a small ribbon to affected eye(s) or ear(s). When using the tube of ointment always avoiding touching the applicator to the eyes, ears, or other parts of the animal to maintain product cleanliness.

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Manufacturers Info:

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Eye and Ear Cream can be used for all kinds of infections eye or ear diseases and also conditions complicated by allergic reactions.


Apply a thin ribbon of ointment applied to eye or ear or as veterinarian prescribes.

When you are applying ointment do not touch the tip of the products tube to the eye, ear or skin of the animal being treated to maintain the sterility of the product. 

Tips: When you are needing to apply to ointment to a birds ears it can help to first apply to the ointment to a clean cotton swab and then use the swab to apply the ointment to the ear in need of treatment. For eyes you need to apply directly from the tube by applying a thin ribbon the the surface of the eye but not touching the applicator tip to the bird.


Apply ointment 1-2 times a day until improvement appears, or as veterinarian prescribes. We recommend applying the ointment twice daily.

Product contains steroids, do not use before races.

Active Ingredients:

Oxytetracycline HCL 5400mg/k

Polymyxin B Sulf. 1270mg/k

Hydrocortisone micr. 1500mg/k


5 gram tube of ointment.

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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DAC Pharma produces supplements and medications for pigeons, raptors, poultry and cage birds.
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