New Hatch Bundle


Adding some new birds to your family and flock? This bundle has essential items for the needs and issues that often arise when caring for new birds.

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New Hatch Bundle

Adding some new birds to your family and flock? This bundle has essential items for the needs and issues that often arise when caring for new birds.

Bundle Contents:

Zoo Med Avian Electrolytes

Great for companion birds during stressful adjustment periods, heat-stressed backyard chickens, and newly acquired chicks! Zoo Med Avian Electrolytes is formulated for all avian species to provide your birds with Electrolytes, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Vitamin A, Prebiotics and Probiotics. This product contains no fat soluble vitamins so it is a good companion to other Multivitamin preparations. Excellent for chicks, hot days, travel and stressful times.

Healthline Super Colloidal Silver, 18ppm, Nano Spray / Nature’s Antibiotic – 4oz

Healthline Super Colloidal silver is a safe topical spray for use in wound care, bacterial and fungal conditions. One reason we really like it here at Springwater Avian Health is it has an amazing ability to help remove “pasty butt” gently from chicks! Safe for all ages, spray some on your little ones backside and wipe away the problem gently with a baby wipe. As a bonus it helps soothe the area. I like to follow up with a dab of Healthline Nutritions Silver Salve. This product can be used on all family members, humans, feathered and furry.

BoviDr Poultry Nutri-Drench – 4oz

BoviDr Poultry Nutri-drench is a premium product when it comes to supplements. It has a patented formula for rapid absorption into the animals system which can save a birds life.

This product is also an excellent supplement to start off your chicks healthy and strong. I add Nutri-drench to all my hatches waterers for the first couple weeks of life. I start them off in my Incubators hatching tray with Nutri-drench in a small waterer to make sure any chick that struggled during hatch has  benefits of Nutri-drench’s rapid absorption to give them the critical boost they need for recovery. Nutri-Drench is also a great boost for the broody mother who often neglects her own needs for those of her eggs or young.

Nutri-drench is appropriate for all life stages and an excellent product to always have on hand in your birds emergency kit. Accident, injury and illness are all situations that Nutri-drench can help your birds. Breeding stock will also benefit from the nutrition boost Nutri-drench has to offer when you are looking to hatch.

Pantex Cocci-Geel

Pantex Cocci-Geel uses a combination of medications, vitamins and amino acids to treat coccidiosis in birds. Birds have to battle multiple strains of cocci in their lifetime but they are most susceptible when they are young and still growing. This product contains the most used coccidiostat, amprolium, combined with the anti-protozoal ronidazole, and supportive vitamins and amino acids for much improved outcomes. Using other vitamin mixes while treating birds for cocci is often problematic because they can contain thiamine, amprolium is a thiamine blocker so a vitamin supplement with thiamine makes it difficult for amprolium to do its job. With this product your birds are well supported while being treated.

Store all products in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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