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Wormer Deluxe Powder – Why we like it:

Wormer Deluxe powder is a broad spectrum anthelmintic ( dewormer ) that is water soluble and easy to use when needing to treat flocks of pigeons or other birds. This product is a good option when you are having resistance issues with other anthelmintics.

Please consult with your veterinarian for dosing information regarding specific species of bird and treatment of target parasite.

To restore your birds healthy digestive system bacteria we recommend following up with a probiotic such as Vetafarm Probiotic or Healthline Restore Pro-Biotic.

Article about the use of anthelmintics and the options we offer:

Anthelmintics AKA Dewormers, Available Options & When To Use

Manufactures Description:

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A comprehensive water soluble anthelmintic ( dewormer ) that treats Roundworm, Hook Worm, Caecal Worm, Tapeworm, and Thread Worm.

Active Ingredients:

10% Oxfendazole

10% Praziquantel


1 Teaspoon (5 grams) per gallon of water for 2 consecutive days.  Repeat treatment in 21 days. Change water daily.


100g – makes 20 gallons of water

Warning: This product is formulated for pet birds only. Do not use on livestock and other animals intended for human consumption.


Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, extreme temperatures and moisture.

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Quality medication for birds.
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