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Easy to use Wormout Gel is used for total worm control in caged and aviary birds, including pigeons and parrots in their drinking water.

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Vetafarm Wormout Gel – Why we like it:

Vetafarm Wormout Gel is an anthelmintic ( dewormer ) product that is an alternative to standard dewormers if your bird/flock is showing resistance to other anthelmintic treatments and it’s easy to dose individually. Use for pigeons, parrots, and other cage birds. 

Please consult your veterinarian for species specific dosing.

Article about the use of anthelmintics and the options we offer:

Anthelmintics AKA Dewormers, Available Options & When To Use


Manufacturers Description:

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Intestinal parasites can cause serious health problems like malnutrition, weight loss, poor egg production and other issues. Just like humans, birds need regular worming.

Wormout Gel is used for total worm control in caged and aviary birds including pigeons and parrots. It contains rapidly acting ingredients for a complete and safe kill of intestinal worms in an easy, in-water treatment or direct dose via a crop needle.


Wormout Gel effectively kills all intestinal worms including Thread Worm (Capillaria spp.), Tapeworm (Raillietina spp., Choanotaenia spp.), Roundworm (Ascaridia spp.), Caecal Worm (Heterakis gallinarum), Hook Worm (Acuaria spp.).

This in-drinking water treatment can be mixed with a small amount of orange juice for fussy drinkers or given via a direct crop needle dose.

Directions for use:

NOT TO BE USED on birds intended for human consumption.

Each pump delivers 1mL (1L bottle delivers 2mL per pump).

Drinking water dose: Dilute Wormout Gel with water at the recommended dose rate and provide this as the sole source of water for 2 days.

All aviary birds- Add 2mL of Wormout Gel to 160mL of drinking water.

Pigeons – Add 2mL of Wormout Gel to 320mL of drinking water. Repeat once every 3 months.

Crop Needle Dose: Use a small syringe for accurate dosing. Carefully dilute

1mL of Wormout Gel in 9mLs of water to make 10mL of ‘stock solution’

Give 0.5mL of stock solution per 100g body weight. Give treatment once only. Repeat once every 3 months.


Store below 30°C (room temperature)


20g/L Praziquantel

20g/L Oxfendazole

Per ml:

20mg Praziquantel

20mg Oxfendazole


Available in 50ml and 250ml bottles

About Vetafarm:

We are proud to carry Vetafarm products! Vetafarm products are known and relied upon by many bird fanciers.

From the Vetafarm website:

Vetafarm has a passion to produce health solutions that directly improve the quality of life for all animals, while educating and understanding their human caretakers.

We love what we do:

Vetafarm provides service and creates opportunities for animals and their carers across the globe. We pride ourselves on our passionate team and our desire to innovate and apply quality in all that we do.

Our focus on innovation has allowed us to build our own laboratory with the highest national accreditation, dedicate a farm to grow wheat and fescue for our products, build a print shop for our labels, employ internal engineers and more.

Our work allows us the privilege of connecting people with their animals – from pet owners, veterinarians, carers and animal lovers everywhere.

Accredited facilities

Vetafarm proudly holds accreditations from NATA, GMP and FeedSafe – ensuring the highest of quality for your pets.

Designed by Vets

All Vetafarm products are designed to strict quality standards by veterinarians for your animal.

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