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A topical mite treatment for birds containing moxidectin. Treats scaly face mite & air sac mite, Also stubborn red mite & northern fowl mite.

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Vetafarm Scatt – Why we like it:

Vetafarm Scatt is a topical mite treatment for birds including budgerigars and cage birds, containing Moxidectin, that is an alternative to Ivermectin. Alternating parasite treatments can help prevent resistance to medications. A little bit goes a long way, please treat according to your birds body weight.

Here is an article about treatment of external parasites:

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Manufacturers Info:

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Scaly Face Mite (or Burrowing Mites) are most common in budgerigars, but many bird species are susceptible. The mite burrows in, feeding on keratin. They leave characteristic honeycomb lesions as they burrow deeper into the tissue around the cere. Eventually, they make their way down the beak, affecting not only the beak but the cere and the eyelids. They also attack the legs and feet of the bird. In really severe cases, the bird’s vent can be infested. The damage it causes to the tissue can be extremely painful. If left untreated these burrowing mites will cause severe deformities of the beak, to the point that eating and drinking become very difficult and birds can actually starve to death.

Burrowing mites are harmless to humans, so there is no risk of an infection to us, however the mites are highly contagious to birds and any infection must be contained! You can only do this by treating all the birds in your aviary. Scatt is a highly effective treatment against Scaly Face Mite and air sac mite and is simple to administer. These mites only live on the body, so it is not necessary to treat the cage with a mite spray.

Directions for use:

Scaly Face: Apply 1 drop (0.05ml) to birds under 30 grams (1oz) body weight and two drops to birds 30-100 grams (1-4oz). Place drops on the skin of the thigh. Treat all birds in the aviary.

Re-treat in 21 days if necessary.

Full recovery may take up to 6 weeks.

Air Sac Mite: Apply 1 drop to birds under 30 grams (1oz) body weight and 2 drops to birds 30-100 grams (1-4oz). Place drops on the skin of the thigh. Treat all birds in the aviary.

For best results treat all birds 3-4 times a year.


Store below 30C (86F)


1000mcg/ml (1mg/ml) of Moxidectin


50ml of Moxidectin topical solution. 1ml syringe for accurate dosing will be included.

About Vetafarm:

We are proud to carry Vetafarm products! Vetafarm products are known and relied upon by many bird fanciers.

From the Vetafarm website:

Vetafarm has a passion to produce health solutions that directly improve the quality of life for all animals, while educating and understanding their human caretakers.

We love what we do:

Vetafarm provides service and creates opportunities for animals and their carers across the globe. We pride ourselves on our passionate team and our desire to innovate and apply quality in all that we do.

Our focus on innovation has allowed us to build our own laboratory with the highest national accreditation, dedicate a farm to grow wheat and fescue for our products, build a print shop for our labels, employ internal engineers and more.

Our work allows us the privilege of connecting people with their animals – from pet owners, veterinarians, carers and animal lovers everywhere.

Accredited facilities

Vetafarm proudly holds accreditations from NATA, GMP and FeedSafe – ensuring the highest of quality for your pets.

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All Vetafarm products are designed to strict quality standards by veterinarians for your animal.

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Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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