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Momma Bird’s Cafe Birdie Bread is a treat you can bake up at home full of nutrition and love for your feathered friend(s).

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Momma Bird’s Cafe Birdie Bread – Why we LOVE it:

Momma Bird’s Cafe Birdie Bread is a treat you can bake up at home full of nutrition and love for your feathered friend(s). Great for a treat to bond over! Birdie Bread can also be sliced into bite size pieces and used to administer liquid medications vs trying to use an oral syringe, saves you the fight and the risk of aspiration.

We carry Birdie Bread in five exciting flavors! Original, Fiesta, Caribbean, Harvest and Happy Bird Day. Each recipe contains human grade ingredients with freeze dried fruits and veggies. To make each loaf add 2 fresh eggs, including the shells plus water or low sodium broth and bake.

We are very excited to add this product to our store! We love that it’s a fellow small business making high quality treats that most any bird can enjoy. Looking forward to hearing out customers stories about Birdie Bread so please leave your reviews!


Pre-Orders – Birdie Bread will be available to Ship on March 1, 2023

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Q: Does your bread arrive already baked in a loaf?

A: Momma Bird’s Cafe birdie bread arrives in mix form where you need to add 2 eggs with shell and some low sodium stock or water and bake it up.

Q: How many loaves of bread does the mix make?

A: Each bag of Momma Bird’s Cafe Birdie Bread bakes up two 3 x 5 loafs or 46 mini muffins or an 8 x 9 brownie pan…makes about 3 lbs of actual bread when baked.

Q: Does it NEED to be frozen? CAN it be frozen? How long will it last?

A: After baking, it can be frozen in small chunks and when you pull it out of the freezer, it just needs to be thawed and fed to the birds.  It can remain frozen when properly stored for up to a year.  And it will be fine refrigerated for a week or so.  We do not use any preservatives in our product…it is all natural.

Q: Could you please tell me the instructions for baking your birdie bread loaves?  Is there much to it?  Do I have to mix any extra ingredients?

A: Baking Momma Bird’s Birdie bread is quite simple.  All you do is add 2 eggs with shell, 1 cup of stock or water and love….and within 35 minutes, you have the most awesome bread around.

Q: Am I supposed to feed it to my bird warmed up?

A: Most birds prefer the bread either warm or room temperature.

Q: What type of ingredients do you use?

A: Each loaf is filled with freeze-dried fruits and veggies, organic grains, seeds, and nuts.  Nutritionally, it is outstanding.  Freeze-dried fruits and veggies hold their nutritional value when baked.

There are six flavors available:  Happy Bird Day Loaf, Caribbean, Fiesta, Original, Singing Bird, Harvest and each one has a different nutrient value, based on the content.  All are extremely healthy and veterinarian approved.

They bake up beautifully and we have only received screamingly positive feedback.

Momma Bird’s Cafe


One, 12-13.5oz package of Birdie Bread Mix.(weight depends on type of mix)

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

**USPS First Class Shipping Included**

Want to buy multiple packages of mix? Send us a message via our Facebook page or e-mail and we can send you an invoice with a multi-pack postage rate to save you money! Facebook messenger is the fastest way to reach us.

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Original Loaf, Fiesta Loaf, Harvest Loaf, Caribbean Loaf, Happy Bird Day Loaf


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Delicious and fun treats for birds.
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