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Medpet Coximed – Why We Like It:

Medpet Coximed is an oral tablet that contains 5mg of diclazuril. Sometimes when a bird is suffering from coccidiosis they loose their desire to eat or drink, when this happens you cannot rely on a coccidiosis medication that requires drinking water as they most likely will not consume enough medicated water to start combatting the cocci. Tablets you can place on your birds tongue and encourage them to swallow so you know they are getting the medication they desperately need to survive. Treatment course needs repeated 10 days after last dose. Labeled for use in pigeons and raptors. Please consult your veterinarian for species specific dosing.

Manufacturer Information:

The ultimate single dose treatment for Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors. 

  • Diclazuril, the active ingredient in Coximed, is the safest and most effective treatment against Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors.
  • One tablet dosed to pigeons will cure up to 98% of Coccidiosis cases.
  • It is recommended that “youngsters” be dosed with Coximed after weaning.
  • Alternate with Medicox to prevent resistance build-up.
  • Highly cost-effective.  More affordable than other single dose tablets.
  • Double strength tablet.

Use while racing, breeding, sick or young. Each tablet contains 5 mg diclazuril.

For the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors.

Composition (each tablet contains):

Diclazuril 5 mg


Racing Pigeons: Dose one tablet per pigeon once a month during the racing season.
Breeding Pigeons: Dose one tablet per pigeon once a month during the breeding season.
Young Pigeons: Dose all young pigeons with one tablet the day after weaning.
Sick Pigeons: Dose all sick pigeons with one tablet, and treatment after 10 days.


100 tablets

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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