Thermoplastic Catheter for Tube Feeding 18Fr



Thermoplastic Catheter for Tube Feeding 18Fr – Why we like it:


Thermoplastic Catheters for Tube Feeding 18Fr can be used to gavage feed sick or disabled birds. The catheter adapts to body temperature and has a round tip making it safe and easy to position in the birds crop to deliver wet feed. Used along with our Avian Health Shake and 60ml catheter syringes to deliver much needed nutrition for you birds such as a cross beak or ill chicken. Can also be used to tube feed other livestock such as lambs and goat kids.


Tube can be hand washed or rinsed out and ran through the dishwasher.

We also offer feeding tube kits that contain a 60ml catheter tip syringe and a feeding tube or 60ml catheter syringes alone.

Available in quantities of one, three or six.

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