Duckfoot Splints


A splint for your young poultry with foot problems. Angled at the ankle for a more ergonomic fit, and with cutouts for rear claws or 5th toes.

These are a permanent, long lasting, waterproof splint. We suggest buying a multiple size pack at a discount and keep them for when needed!

Please note that all sizes, even large, is still for young poultry – this is not intended for adults.

Three sizes available, or a multi-pack with all sizes at a discount.

Sizing guide:

Chickens (For bantams, you may want to order a size smaller)

Small is for chicks 0 – 2 weeks

Medium is for chicks 2 – 6 weeks

Large is for chicks 6-10 weeks


Ducks grow much faster than chickens, so you likely will want to buy the multi-pack as the duckling will rapidly size out of the small and medium.

Small is for small breed ducklings, just 0-2 weeks

Medium is for standard breed ducks, 0-1 weeks

Large is for ducklingsĀ  2+ weeks


Medium is for 0-1 weeks

Large is for 1+ weeks


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