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DAC Calcium + Tablets – Why we like it:

DAC’s Calcium+ tablets are easy to administer and contain a readily available form of calcium plus glucose and supportive B vitamins for treating hypocalcemia. These tablets are our preferred product for soft egg shells and egg bound birds. Labeled for raptors but can be used for poultry, pigeons and cage birds.

Manufacturers Description:

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Calcium deficiency.


Tablet for oral individual treatment of calcium deficiency in birds of prey.

Calcium+ contains easily absorbable calcium, vitamins and glucose.

Can also be used as “first aid” for sudden deficiencies such as paralysis and cramps after a rest period, and/or in female animals during egg laying, caused by a lack of calcium or vitamin deficiency.

In the event of sudden cramps and/or paralysis caused by disorders of the nervous system, we strongly recommend that you contact your veterinarian immediately.

Contents per tablet:

Calcium Citrate ………………….50mg

Glucose monohydrate ……..100mg

Vitamin B Complex ……………10mg


1 tablet per 500g of live weight.


50 tablets

Store in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sun.

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DAC Pharma produces supplements and medications for pigeons, raptors, poultry and cage birds.
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